Security and surveillance services

INTSA offers various seminars and services within Emergency Preparedness, HSE and Crisis Management.


Emergency management

Organizing levels within emergency management, crisis communication, stress management during handling of crises, unwanted incidents, proactive leadership etc.

Site management

How to plan and receive emergency services and continuous risk evaluation at site.

Next of kin

Practical training for those who need firsthand contact with relatives. The training is both theoretically and practically focused. This assists our clients in coping with situations at best.

Investigation seminars

Legal topics and case law. Interview techniques, using police interrogation methods. Barrier analysis according to the HTO methods (Human-Technology-Organization), setup and issue report. Visual setup for presentation of the investigation and leadership of the investigation team.

First Aid Hands On

First Aid Training, with focus on ABCDE (Air-Breathing, Circulation, Disability and Exposure/environment). Acute medical conditions, CPR(cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and Trauma.


Emergency response exercises

Cooperative drills for clients who may have several branches and/or integrated companies.


Investigation of unwanted incidents and issues, including preliminary reports within 48 hours. We use different methods based on legal and official requirements backed by a complete report.

Instructor and seminar management

We provide instructors for the following industries: Offshore, Onshore, Fishing, Cruise ships & Mega yachts.

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