ProEye DTR

A revolutionary system that maximizes the possibility for saving lives at sea!

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The video illustrates how ProEye DTR works during a man overboard scenario. cruiseship.

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The rescue system is also suitable for integration on oil platforms - just look at the video below!

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Technology that saves lives

The system is based on completely new sensor technology and the latest in drone operations under demanding conditions. ProEye DTR is a autonomic system, to avoid human delays and misunderstandings that waste precious time in a rescue operation. Here technology is used at its best to save lives!

ProEye DTR is build according to IOS 21195 standard, designed for use in rough environment. It only needs a minimum of maintenance. This system is planned to be used on Cruise ships, Tankers, bulk ships, Offshore rig marked and other nautical business.

Partners and suppliers of parts of the system are SICK, Maritime Robotic and Robotic Aviation.

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