The screens for Pro Eye DTR!

We have received the screen which is supposed to be part of Pro Eye DTR's control system. This is currently at the office, and will be used to customize the software. It has 4K resolution, and with a size of 55 inches, it enables the presentation of a lot of data on one screen rather than several small ones. For the bridges that do not have room for this size, we will still be able to offer a slightly smaller screen.

The screen is delivered by Hatteland Technology.

In the pedestal of the screen, the control computers will be well protected, so that everything is delivered in one unit and unnecessary cable pulling is avoided. We look forward to testing the software on the screen, and to further progress of the Pro Eye DTR system.

The video illustrates how the Artic version of the ProEye system works during a man overboard scenario. For more information and videos of Pro Eye DTR - click HERE!

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